Monday, June 20, 2016

All You Can Do Is Bring The Spirit...

Heya everyone!

So this week was a little disappointing in the fact that Jade dropped us on account of not being willing, at this time, to live according to Church standards.

We're still on good terms with her though and she said she might try again in the future but at the present time she's not ready.

We also had our friend Panos send us an interesting message that went along the lines of "Sorry haven't gotten back to you had a bad week. Leaving the country tonight, thanks for the book!"..... nuff said "something" hit the fan for him in some way or another.

We spent some time in Dublin this week with blitzing the area and also for zone interview training.

Met with some new people, a nice guy named Shane who had a car crash which lead him to believe God is there. He gave the closing prayer at the end and it was a very sincere humble prayer!

Met with a guy named Khan and his brother and co-worker in their store and taught a little about the Restoration but they are Muslim in the middle of doing their Ramadan fasting at the moment.

We met with a guy named Andrew right before church yesterday and invited him to be baptized in the lesson because he was feeling the Spirit but he wouldn't accept a date but hey all you can do is bring the Spirit unto them and invite.

That's it for this week take care!

Love yous all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. Forgot to mention we tried getting in contact with Hussain this last week because he was supposed to come back on Wed and we were told he is still in London and wont be back for awhile. All we know at the moment :(


Received a very welcome surprise on Tuesday, July 14, 2016 from members visiting Dublin from Utah:


Also a big thank you to Sister Samantha Gorman for sharing pictures on Sunday, Father's Day. Her kindness and thoughtfulness in helping these two choice Elders be apart of Father's Day for their dads was and is greatly appreciated.



Father's Day in Ireland

Father's Day in Ireland is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, the same day when several other countries observe it. The celebrations in Ireland too are somewhat on the same line as it is celebrated in other parts of the world. It is seen as an opportunity for the people to honor their father and express love, affection and gratitude for them. Like in many other countries, people indulge their father by presenting them with loads of gifts and allowing them a day of fun, joy and rest. The grownups take their fathers out for dinner or lunch; take them to their favorite sporting events and so on. It is seen as a day to give all the happiness and comfort to fathers, by giving them the opportunity to fulfill all their small dreams on this day. It is a day also to convey this message to their fathers that how much they respect and appreciate them, and how much they are lucky and thankful to have them as their father. It is a day of sharing love, affection and thankfulness in Ireland.

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