Monday, June 6, 2016

A Blessed Week!

Hiya everyone,

So this week we were quite blessed!

We were teaching our friend Jade most of the week, almost every day and in a span of a week she went from not knowing God is there to knowing that He's there and answers prayers! :)

She will be getting baptized on June 25 please keep her in your prayers that she'll be able to make it to church these next few Sundays.

We dropped Sheraz this week due to him not wanting to learn about our message or the church, he more or less just wants to meet up to question against our message.

A tender mercy that came right after, was after the lesson we were both pretty drained spiritually and I was in the mood for ice cream but didn't have the money to get it. Well our friend Kazir ended up buying us some while we walked by him while he was buying some. Heavenly Father truly knows the desires of our hearts haha!

We met up with Ian but he dropped us because he is going on vacation to Spain all of July but we are going to try and have him come out to church when he's back in August.

We taught Kazir yesterday the GOJC (Gospel of Jesus Christ).

Another TM (tender mercy) we had was last Monday we were low on cash (25 euros between us both) and we had to pay for both groceries and internet café so we weren't going to have enough. Well on our way to go shop Elder Corcran saw a tenor on the side of a building. Miracle!

Other than that just been enjoying finding in the sunshine since its been out all week.

Met some people named Patrick, Lauren, and Jacklyn so hope to meet with them.

Take care of yourselves.

Love yous all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Pictures from Elder Corcran:


Picture of Date Store Internet Cafe In Dundalk
From Google


Sunshine and Heat Comes to Ireland

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