Monday, April 11, 2016

Transfers, Last Area - Returning to Ireland, My Final Area is Dundalk!

Hiya everyone! 

So this week got big news. We got our moves call and we are being white washed (note to everyone we saw it coming though ha). 

Elder Roylance is going to Lochee Dundee and my final resting place shall be..... DUNDALK IRELAND!!! 

Dundalk Prominade

Going to die back in Ireland not to far an area away from my birthplace. SO EXCITED!!!

In other news Kate got baptized this weekend which is fantastic news to hear for the elders there and the Gala branch! First baptism the branch has had in about 8 years!!!

Kate with the Galashiels Elders on her baptism April 9, 2016,
Elder Sheppard, Kate and Elder Fisher

On Sunday we got to teach Lilly the Restoration and she loved it and she said she would get baptized when she gets an answer which I know she will.

Other than that we went and helped our Zone Leader do some finding because he has been companion less with his comp being a new Assistant to the President so we got to do some finding in Edinburgh. It was fun while we were GQing that it started to just dump down rain and hail haha! 

Anyhow love you all, take care and  Slán !


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS: My new comp will be an Elder Corcran

Elder Sheppard, Elder Fisher, Elder Roylance, Sister Fecherer and Sister Plumber
Elder Tarbet
Last District Meeting before Transfers

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