Monday, April 18, 2016

Dundalk, New Area, New Companion- Great and Crazy Week!

Hiya everyone!

So this week we had moves day!

So travel was we took a bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow and then to the ferry in Stranraer. Then took the ferry to Belfast then a bus to Dublin and then a train to my area. 

Got to my new area and my new comp is Elder Corcran from Las Vegas, Nevada.

I've gotten to know a little bit of the area but still learning. Its bigger than Galashiels and Dalkeith so more people to talk to.😊

We have 5 people with a date here and the finding is pretty good here compared to my last 2 areas what with being able to actually GQ and talk to people.

We got some new investigators in the week, one whose name was Shane and the other one's name Peter that we both found this week.

Really the only crazy story that happened was yesterday.

So Saturday morning we went to a pitch for E. Corcran to practice and I was trying to do a cardio workout to get in shape.

Well I kinda pushed myself a little to hard to where yesterday I had some pain in the lower right of my abdomen.

As the day progressed it grew more and more painful to the point where we went to President Nesbitt's home for me to get a blessing (the Branch President).

After the blessing we thought we should take me to the hospital in case I had appendicitis.

We got to the hospital at 8:30 and waited in the waiting room till 3:30 the next morning!

Well got in and they kept me over night just to make sure if I had premature appendicitis.

This morning I got out and they said I don't have it but I most likely have a hernia so happy days for me !😞

If its not too much to ask please keep me in your prayers that I will get it resolved quickly.

Anyhows that's it for this week, pretty crazy eh!

Anyhow love yous all and take care!


Elder Tarbet Wolverine (injured...)



I heard from some members that Elder Tarbet spoke at Church on Sunday Morning. Thank you to the members for their very kind words. 💞

 Dundalk Branch Chapel
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