Monday, April 4, 2016

Follow-Up from Easter and Kate is Getting Baptized!

Heya everyone,

Sorry missed you all last week, gotta love Monday holidays when they close down the library.

So to give a quick cap of what you missed out on hearing the previous week it was Easter week and we had to do an initiative given to us form Elder Kearon of the Area 70 where we went and put some door banners that had the Easter initiative video website on them to try and get people to watch it.

In answer to Mom's question, we just chapped on Easter Sunday because our meal appointment got canceled so we went and finished the neighbourhood we did the initiative in.

Then the next day Wednesday rechap and ask to go in and show people the video. Result=jack squat. But hey gotta follow orders and try to have faith.

We chapped into a guy who only had his shirt on, and he was an old man so 2) explanations why he came to the door half naked 1) forgot to get dressed and well the second one I won't say my thoughts on.

Havent met with Kevin or Wayne and Lilly wasn't able to come to church. 

This week we weren't able to see Lee because she had something with family come up but on the bright side I got to go back down to Galashiels and give my old investigator Kate her baptism interview!

She passed and I can honestly say she is not the same person that I met when I was there, the Gospel really changes people for the better that I know to be true. She is getting baptized this weekend so pumped for the elders and her!

Otherwise just been chapping which consists of getting mistaken for JW's all the time, meeting blazed up people (I asked a guy we met if he wanted to get high on the Spirit of God because he answered the door saying he was high from smoking weed and not interested haha), and got called delusional by atheists. Normal weeks work.

Conference was great and we got to watch a session with Jack and Anna as well as watch the Sunday Morning Session with Annette and they were all great as usual, a spiritual feast!

We missed the Saturday morning session so we'll try to watch that one and the Sunday Afternoon.

Moves call this week.  Just letting you know I think I am moving. I feel like my work is done here/the reason why I came back but we'll see :) So I'll let you all know next week what happens.

God Bless you all, take care!

Love yous all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS: Ah I love all those people that you got pics with! I hope you told them all I was asking for them and send my regards!

The pictures that Mom sent to Elder Tarbet
Scotland/Ireland Mission Reunion
Held at the Olympus Stake Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
on April 1, 2016

Some Pictures received our dear friend Anne take on Easter Saturday, March 26, 2016:


A very contemplative Elder T!
Some quotes from Conference Weekend 4-2-16/4-3-16:

Priesthood Session, April 2, 2106

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