Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Blessings, Growth and Don't Forget the Ukulele!


First off before I forget I wanted you to tell the Edwards family that knew you and I forget the other family that knew you who have written to me a couple of times to tell them thank you and sorry that I haven't written to them in return. I apologize that I haven't gotten around to it mostly because my handwriting is so horrible it's not worth me writing. Everyone out here who sees my writing is unable to read it so I've gotten into calling my writing "Jaredite" writing.

So this week has been a week filled with both blessings and let downs.

We had a lot of success in finding people and talking to people and had quite a few QGC's and in giving out BOM's but then all of those appointments fell through :(

But I did learn to appreciate specific prayers and in them asking specifically for certain things and if you got the faith they happen.

We also got Bowen the priesthood this Sunday so that was really good!

It was also pouring rain yesterday for the first time in the last 2 weeks.

For Valentines Day (by the way Happy Late Valentines Day!) Elder Shubin got a red velvet cake mix and we made it, but funny enough Elder Shubin split a glass in half by melting the butter in the microwave and it split along the line where the butter was all melted when it filled the glass.

They do celebrate Valentines day out here but I didn't really see much in decorations and stuff but saw lots of chocolate in stores.

I really like the John 3:16-17 how it has valentine in it.

Picture from Facebook

I may have forgotten to mention that there is a LA we go and see who is from Nigeria and she makes us lots of food every time we go and see her. Well funny enough I like her food and she calls me White African cause I like the African food and can handle the spice! Haha.

We also were investigators for someone who was a potential while I was on exchanges and they were telling us how the BOM doesn't make sense evidently and so on and the whole time we bear testimony they argue with our testimonies and well it was really interesting but funny because they were saying how we were "feeling the Holy Spirit work on us and we shouldn't be afraid" and that they have been given authority to preach the Gospel (they don't believe in priesthood authority, they believe the scriptures are the authority and power spoken off and believe in the Trinity).

It was an interesting experience but we got a free meal out of it and we promised them on Wednesday we'd go to a little bit of one of their services so we'll do that before we go to our church next Sunday.

I almost forgot to mention that I've learned how to play "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran from the Hobbit on the ukulele and I found an intro and created my own finger pick for it and all the elders in the flat like it so it must be good but if you don't know the song look it up to hear how it sounds and then imagine a ukulele instead.

Anyway take care and remember the Trinity is like the chicken nugget! (I'll explain next week....)

Elder Tarbet (Wolvegeta)

Some pictures of Elder Tarbet playing the Ukulele
 (These were taken while serving in Portadown)

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