Monday, February 9, 2015

A Week of Ups and Downs, Rockin' Joes and District Conference in Limerick

(Pictures of Rockin' Joes taken from the Internet)

Heya Hope you's all had a good craic this week.

This week has been lots of ups and downs but it's still been a good week.

On Tuesday we got to meet with a FI (Future Investigator) named Adam who's an Australian and is really cool. He's a nice guy and took us out to at a burger place called Rockin' Joes and we had a great discussion with him.
(Pictures of Rockin' Joes taken from the Internet)

Then we also met a guy named Stephen on the way back who loves Batman and comics so I got talking with but we then got a reply from him say he's not interested. :(

We also had some other appointments we made fall through in the week so we did lots of chapping and finding but not a ton of luck.

One cool experience we had though was that Elder Shubin went into a neighborhood to ask if we could close the boot (trunk) of a car and as we were walking back I decided to knock on the last door of the neighborhood. Well the guy that opened it is a guy named Ben who is from Alaska and has some Mormon friends. He's been to church and had some of the lessons but isn't really interested but the thing that got me was the fact that he asked if we help with addictions. He's been struggling with alcoholism and is in isolation in his flat, so he told us this when he was drunk but still functional to talk. He's a nice guy and we hope to be able to help him in the future.

No, we never got around to teaching the JW's last week. The girl who invited us was sick so we didn't teach them (personally I think they chickened out, because Elder Shubin thought we passed the girl a couple of days later and she didn't say anything to us). We only got to go to the Sunday session of the District Conference.

We haven't been able to contact Christy yet either, the girl from Nigeria, but hope to this week.

Hope you's all have a grand week, and take care of yourselves!

Love ya!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Photos from Sister Sandra Uraski Hale

Munch and mingle for Limerick Zone Missionaries and Limerick District YSA after District Conference February 8, 2015 (Pictures from Sister Sandra Uraski Hale on Facebook). 

Elder Novotny (White shirt, green tie)

Elder Shubin far right

 Sister Montoya, Sister Martin, and Sister Weber

Elder Novotny and Elder Udell

Elder Tarbet is in the white shirt

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