Monday, March 21, 2016

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Sunday Breakfast at the Campbells
Heya everyone happy Easter this week! 

This last week we've been doing lots of finding to try and get SOMEONE to teach.

Just been knocking a lot of doors sadly not very many interesting experiences happened that are crazy or funny in regards to finding this week.

We did find a couple of people that we set up appointments with this week, 2 of which are today.

Names are Lee and Kevin and we're hopefully going to see a guy named Wayne later in the week. Hopefully they go well. 😊

We were at Chris' house teaching him and his kids when a guy was peering into the back window of the house looking for something or someone. I told Chris looks like a person is looking for him and Chris goes to talk to him and comes back and says that he was just a junkie trying to sell a cheap radio to get money for drugs.

Chris lives in Newtongrange by the way so slowly over time we are increasing the uppness on our drug encounters, haha.

Last night we had an interesting couple of phone calls.

The first one was a phone call from a Sister missionary in the Washington DC temple mission who gave us a referral. Last place I'd expect to get a phone call from!

Well we called up the referral because she wanted us over that night requesting a visit because she was "lonely". She said she was 39 and her name was Kimberly. So I call her up and she's really excited to hear that we called, problem was she sounded a lot younger than she said she was (suspicions start at this point).

She then asked if we were coming over and I had to tell her no not that night because bus travel on Sundays is a nightmare from horrible schedules. I asked her if there was another time we could come around because she said she wanted to talk with a Mormon and talk about Jesus.

Well she said no it had to be that night. I told her again we couldn't and she stopped talking. I hung up and called her again and tried to re-establish why she wanted us over that night and all she'd say was "I'm lonely! I want to talk to somebody. I want to be happy." I basically told her we couldn't come over as nicely as I could. She hung up after that. So yea.... phone call #2 from someone sexually soliciting us on my mission. 😰

On a more uplifting note, the most spiritual moment this week was probably at Stake Conference yesterday. Annette was struggling again because of the problems in her family which cause her sometimes to doubt and she felt like giving up but when she came to SC I knew she was feeling the Spirit strongly because I was the whole time.

She messaged us after telling us how much better she felt and it was an answer to prayers.

Anyhow, all of yous take care and remember the true path to happiness. Jesus Christ and his Infinite Atonement this wonderful Easter Sunday.

Take care and God bless!

Love yous all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)


We received a very welcome surprise of photos on Saturday, March 19, 2016 from our dear friend Anne who met with Elder Tarbet and Elder Roylance and took them to lunch. Thank you Anne for the wonderful surprise, for feeding them and always keeping us up to date with photos! 💞



On Sunday, March 20, 2016, we received this picture from Sister Campbell!
 Breakfast at the Campbells. Sister Campbell provided them with a wonderful breakfast, porridge, a traditional fry-up, the works. Thank you Sister Campbell. 💐

Newtongrange is about 3 miles south of Dalkieth.

"Newtongrange is a former mining village in Midlothian, Scotland. Known in local dialect as Nitten, or Nitten by the Bing, it became Scotland's largest mining village in the 1890s, with the sinking of the Lady Victoria Colliery a shaft over 1600 feet deep. This closed in 1981 but today houses the National Mining Museum, an Anchor Point of ERIH – The European Route of Industrial Heritage." - Wikipedia

Newtongrange Cottages

Lady Victoria  Colliery,  Newtongrange  
Scottish  Mining  Museum,  Newtongrange



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