Monday, March 7, 2016

An Interesting Week, A Warning, Smiley Faces, and A Police Search and Rescue!

Heya everyone.

So this week been a little sick so that’s been great in being out and about but work most go on.

We went on a mini splits so I would go to ward council and Elder Roylance went with Jack and taught Maxine.

Been busy doing some more AUF's in the area and had our appointments that were set up in the week fall through but that’s mission life for ya, haha. 

Had some interesting things happen this week though.

First one was we had a Muslim guy tell us he wasn't interested but as we were walking away he just yells to us "Convert to Islam before its too late!" He said it twice like a warning, threat maybe?

Either way it was kinda weird but we were laughing about it haha.

Also had another interesting drug encounter in Newtongrange the other day walking along the path when we saw a wee baggy with Smiley faces on it on the ground, I guess fun times were had in the area. 

Also have a story to tell from the other week and will explain why I didn't tell it yet. So the other night we were coming back from an ARP meeting that we go to at the church with Jack and some of the other members and as we were coming home we saw a helicopter in the sky shining around a search light. We got into our estate and saw 6 squad cars of police and a police dog van was in front of our house. We were formulating all sorts of ideas what it could be and at 11 pm could see police and heard dogs in the forest outside our flat.

Well the next day we found out it was all for an old man that fell down a hill walking his dog and they called in Mountain Rescue but me and Elder Roylance were both like "its got to be a cover up". 

Well we just found out the other night from a member that it was a cover up!

They were searching around our neighborhood and the surrounding areas for meth labs and cabanas farms.

Spirit of Discernment is a true thing haha!

Anyhow that's about it for this week.

Take care and God bless!

Love all yous,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. AUF means Area Unidentified File or something like that. Also known as the lost sheep files. People that move from other areas who were LA and move into ours so we see if they still live there, are dead, or whatever.

No didn't see Lilly this week sadly.:(

Elder Roylance and Elder Tarbet
Taken at Dalkeith Chapel - Sunday March 6, 2016
Thank you Trevor Platt for the pictures

 Picture and Video clip received from Anne Harrison
Thank you Anne
"Hallo, Happy Mother's Day, Love you tons!"
Elder Tarbet wishing a Happy Mothers Day
Sunday March 6, 2016 Mothering Sunday in Scotland

For information and some background on Mothering Sunday in the UK see Post:

Here is a copy of a news report for the old man and his dog:

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