Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Heya everyone,

Happy New Year!

We got two new investigators this week a guy named Daniel that we chapped into and a guy named Ross who was a potential when I got here but hadn't heard from in awhile.

We taught both the Restoration and they are both really nice guys.

We also got to be with the Blacks and they fed us some great fish pie and we taught them the GOJC (Gospel of Jesus Christ). It was really good but they can't accept baptism at the moment because they aren't able to make it out to the church at the moment from certain factors preventing them so just got to have faith in the Lord that a way will be provided for them to get there.

Had New Years and just relaxed all day in the flat and New Years Eve we were with a younger family in the branch, the Braithwaites.

We had Mark's partner Una, who's LA come to church and we also taught Dougie in the week the POS (Plan of Salvation).

I forgot to mention last week that the prior week before Christmas Kate said her first out loud prayer ever so we were really happy for her but she isn't doing so well health wise.

Hope yous all had a great New Year day.

 I wish yous all the best this year! God bless.


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)


Some more pictures from December, 2015

 Elder Tarbet, with his Son and Grandson 
Left to Right: Elder Ryan (Grandson), Elder Tullis (Son) and Elder Tarbet (Father)
(Father, Son and Grandson are terms used with training, Father is the trainger, Son is the name given to the person who you train and then when they train that Elder is referred to as a Grandson)

Elder Tullis, Elder Beckstrand and Elder Tarbet

Elder Ryan (Grandson) with Elder Tarbet

Elder Roylance, Elder Kinville, Elder Tarbet, Elder Gullion, Elder Lampropoulos and Elder Crowe

Elder Tarbet's Completed 25 Days of Christmas Reading
Christmas Tree - The Names and Attributes of the Savior

Elder Tarbet and Elder Gullion Visit
Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre is a Tibetan Buddhist complex associated with the Karma Kagyu school located at Eskdalemuir, near Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, founded in 1967.



Elder Gullion




"Do not do anything that is wrong
Conduct yourself with utmost virtue
Completely tame your own mind
This is the teaching of the Buddha"

Arial View
Image downloaded from Youtube

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