Monday, December 22, 2014

New Area, New Companion, Transfer to Beautiful Galway

Heya greetings from Galway! 

Tuesday night we left Portadown because Elder Lewis was staying with the ZL's (Zone Leader's) to fly out early the next day and I stayed with the Elders in Bangor. Then we took a bus from Belfast to Dublin and then from there to Galway so 6 hours of bus riding.

So now I’m in Galway and I’m liking it so far. It’s been good craic though there have been some challenges for me at first (get to it in a sec). 

So my new companion is Elder Shubin who is from Colorado and he is a nice guy. We get along pretty well and he has quite a bit of energy. He has been out for 15 months.

No longer in a flat now were in a house though haven’t gotten around to taking pics yet so sorry. 

The challenge I’ve been facing has been going from a car area to biking everywhere which isn't a bad thing, it’s good. Just the fact that I gained a whole stone in Portadown so I’m having to bike up hills with an extra 15-16 pounds! The biking has been good except there are a lot of hills and one of our investigators we biked out to is a 45 min ride and half of it is uphill so my legs are dead going halfway up the hills, but its getter better and I really like having the exercise.
Anyway we’ve been doing lots of finding and probably a funny highlight for this week was I was trying to talk to girls we walk by when GQing (because I never do, and this was hard because Galway is a University city, with several universities the main one being NUIG, so lots of college girls :)) Anyway so I stopped this girl and we had an awesome conversation and we're getting along quite well. Her name was Jullien and she said we could come back around to teach her and she gave us her number. Well we got back to the house and tried to call her and turns out we put in the wrong number! I was so bummed because she seemed like she was really interested. I’ll just have to hunt her down then. 

Anyway the branch is pretty small like 25 people or so and Elder Weber is the Branch President and I have to say I love the Weber’s they are awesome. 

Love you all and take care of yourselves, especially over the break. Merry Christmas!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

NUIG is the National University of Ireland in Galway
Elder Tarbet at FHE before leaving Portadown

With Elder Lewis
 He went out singing!

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