Monday, December 1, 2014

Dundalk, Birthday and Belfast Christmas Festival

Heya everyone, 

How you all doing?

This week has been really good and fun week.

Monday we went back to the Foreign Market place in the center of Belfast and got to have some good food again.

The first time I had French churros and a German Smoky Krauker which is basically a brat.

This next time got more churros and Jamaican jerk chicken.

The food is great and I also got a leather bound journal to be my T Book out here (basically a book that you have missionaries sign in like a yearbook).

Tuesday we had normal district meeting and such and taught Sister “L” again our LA we’re working with and then went to Games Night where we played a card game Phase 10.

There Louise our recent convert (RC) came in with a big cake for me and showed me the video that a lot of you were in and made, singing happy birthday, so that was sweet to see you all! 

Video recorded at Game Night:

Wednesday and Thursday we did some chapping (tracting) and also on Thursday we taught Feliciano again but had the same problem as the last time when we taught him.

Friday it was my Birthday and we went to a Zone Meeting in Belfast for a missionary idea the church came up with.

They just released a video called He is the Gift and you should all check it out and spread the word about the video it’s really good!

Anyway went to the Keery’s for dinner where they got me a Wolverine cake which was sweet and got me some marvel socks and pajamas.

Saturday we were with Br. Donnely and sang carols at a Nativity activity at the Stake Center.

Sunday was good because we finally got Sis “L” out to church!

So that’s been my week.

Love you all and take care of yourselves! I got your backs in spirit.


Elder Tarbet, Wolverine

PS: I forgot to mention last week that when we were doing a AUF we ended up in Dundalk which is in the Republic so now I’ve been to all three countries in my mission! 

I got some pictures of the Coast that I’ll have to send to you.

Once again thank you for the video it was awesome!!! 

Some Additional Questions:

What does AUF stand for?
AUF stands for Address Unknown File. 

Do you tract at night?
We sometimes tract at night but it’s not very effective because no one wants to open their door when it’s dark.

How is the traffic over there?
Traffic is bad in the morning on the way to Belfast when we go to DM's or ZM's.

 In Belfast for Zone Meeting

 Foreign Market in Belfast
Christmas Festival
Coast on the way to Dundalk

The Birthday Boy gets a haircut!
 Thanks everyone!
 Now for the cake!

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