Monday, October 6, 2014

First General Conference Out in The Field


Turns out tomorrow is our Zone Development so we are emailing today. 

We watched the Saturday morning session Saturday afternoon then the Priesthood session, Saturday afternoon session and the Sunday morning session on Sunday. 

I really liked Elder Christofferson’s talk, Elder Uchtdorf as always and Elder Holland’s. Yea some of their talks were good for investigators and was a blessing for some of the other missionaries because they brought some of their investigators to conference so I hope they felt the spirit as much as we did.

We haven’t taught Katia again yet. Louise is doing good, been having trouble with her mum but is still planning on getting baptized this week. 

We spend most of our time working on LA's and with some of our investigators but occasionally we do go tracking. The people are pretty blunt at times but aren’t quite rude so in general they are pretty nice. People will say hi to you on the street at random or reply back so I feel like people can be a lot nicer over here than in America. 

We didn’t do much last PDay just emailed, went to Belfast, and looked in stores. Today will probably be the same and clean the flat cause it needs to be cleaned. 

Last PDay though a funny thing happened. So we went into this super expensive store which was having a sale on everything (stuff was going for half off or 20% off) and was still loads of money. I saw a tie I liked and then I looked at the price, it was £70! I made a face of disgust and a grunt noise basically saying "That’s a lot!" Well one of the workers thought I must’ve been sick or something because she then asked me if I was okay. I hurried and said I was fine but couldn't look at her because I was embarrassed since me companion was laughing at the situation. 
Love you all, take care!

Elder Tarbet (The Wolverine)

Pictures by Elder Forsyth  
Taken between conference sessions on Sunday, October 5 2014

A big thank you to Alison Tracey for providing the meal for the missionaries!

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